My aunt passed away yesterday. It was another grim reminder of how short life is. How unexpected twists and turns come into our lives. How helpless and out of control we really are in this life. I got up early on this Saturday for my daughters softball game, only to learn it had been cancelled due to weather. So in another small twist I decided to do some spring cleaning in my bedroom, which I try to do at least every other spring… My girls continually draw me pictures and make cards, and tape them to my bedroom door. It makes a great collage of color crayon, construction paper, cotton balls, color by numbers and many other arts and crafts. Occasionally, I take them down when no one is looking and put them away in a drawer set aside for them, to make room for new and exciting works of art. This morning I decided to take them all down and start over; I mean, Fathers Day is right around the corner and I know there will be a horde of new cards and drawings to be taped up and it seemed like the best thing to do, while the girls are away. As I took down each color crayoned piece of paper and Sunday School art project down, I noticed that no matter how careful I was, the paint on the door was coming off from each piece of tape I peeled off. At first I was a little agitated by the marks left by the tape being removed, but as I continued on my quest to make the door a clean slate, I thought about each piece of tape on the door… If there are no marks on the door, if there are no broken crayons left on the floor, if there is nothing to clean up, if the tape is always where it is supposed to be in the kitchen drawer….there would be no one coloring. If there were no marks left on the door, that would mean that there are no pictures being drawn, no cards being made, the simplest expressions of a daughters love. Time is the only thing I can’t buy. There isn’t enough of it in the day. Time gets away from us. Time is spent and there are no refunds or credits due. Time flies. Time is of the essence. All that other “stuff” is just “stuff”…… let the door be marked up, let the floor have skateboard marks on it, don’t worry about stepping on broken crayons…let the tape marks on your door remind you of the time you have left to spend with those you love.