After some serious research, I have made the following observations:

So really…have you noticed all the things that adults are doing that are really meant for kids? No! I don’t mean paintballing or watching cartoons in the evening….but here’s one….so I love chicken nuggets and all, but they are really supposed to be for kids, right?, well, I guess until McDonalds put out the 20 piece meal, that’s pretty much for adults unless you have a super-sized 8 year old, but what about when you go to a  restaurant like “Buffalo Wild Wings” or “Beef O’Bradies”? The last couple of times I went out for wings, I noticed that all the restaurants are now serving “Boneless Buffalo Wings”, I mean seriously…we already named them after a cow’s relative for some reason, but…these are really nothing more than adult chicken nuggets! Well, after I ordered them (as a responsible adult, I order them every time because I really don’t like the yucky skin and the bone cartilage in the bone-in wings), I got to thinking, this is marketing brilliance!  Now…as a grown-up, I can order chicken nuggets and not get ridiculed by my friends and also not have to worry about choosing which toy I want! It’s the cool way for an adult to order chicken nuggets…you could probably even sneak in a couple of packets of Mickey D’s Hot Mustard Sauce.


I also noticed a motorcycle the other day on my way to work, except it wasn’t really a motorcycle, it wasn’t even a tricycle, it was a motorcycle with training wheels!  So now you don’t really have to know how to drive a motorcycle, you can order it with training wheels on the front? Ok, I hear it is supposed to handle better? Whatever….your riding a motorcycle with training wheels on it big guy!  And its not really training wheels, because those would be in the back, these “extra” wheels are in the front, so if you popped a wheelie, you’d look like some kind of alien going down the road!  It really looks like a smart car  that forgot to put its helmet on.


Speaking of cars, the last time I had the girls in the grocery store, we always get the 2-seater cart that you have to search all over Wal-Mart for, so by the time you find it your ready to go home already, but I digress…the cart has a warning label on it that says, “Buckling your child in a shopping cart is just as important as buckling them in a car”.  Really…contraire says I….  As far back as I can remember, I have never been T-Boned by another cart at a high rate of speed on aisle 3 by the cereal, or seen a cart “totaled” in a 2 cart collision by the hotdogs…I mean, the motorized scooters in WalMart don’t even go fast enough to cause an accident, although on a side note, I feel those drivers think they own the aisles, but anyway, I have had a few “fender” benders in my cart in my day, but never, ever thought the buckle was as important as in a car. I thought the only purpose of the seat belt in the cart was to legally strap your kids down for an hour or so……Would I need full coverage cart insurance or just PIP?


Rainbows? Rainbows, and more rainbows….I just don’t know what to say, they have basically just totally stolen the rainbow now.  It used to be a symbol of God’s deliverance, but now you have to have pixie dust and glitter to fly the rainbow flag.  I don’t even want to know what’s at the end of the rainbow anymore, I’m afraid the little leprechaun might talk with a lisp and wear a thong to the beach on Memorial Day….or maybe the answer is that where-ever the end of the rainbow lands, that person automatically turns gay? I can see it now..”Hey Mom, what’s that colorful light coming this way???…it’s…so….beautiful!!’s..hey wait!!” …BAM–Your gay!! ….I guess that would end the “choice or genetics” debate once and for all!


I have more to write, but I’m in a hurry today, I just got an email from Mrs. Victoria Abraham from Kuwait…it seems she needs help getting her 2.5 million dollars out of Kuwait and I just need to email her all my personal information and she will deposit the money in my account, in order for me to help out humanity and all mankind in general….I think things are about to turn around for me, I can feel it!!