….the thing is now I just keep logging on to Facebook just to make sure I tell people Happy Birthday!  The first time I did it, I was very sincere, but let’s face it, now I’m am doing it out of duty! I’m afraid of dissapointing any of my FB friends, but if its a weekend you’re just probably not going to get a Happy Birthday because I don’t check it as much! It sure does save a lot of money on cards though…Hallmark’s taking a beating off this facebook birthday phenomenon….and let’s just get something out there…I don’t think you have to personally thank each person that said Happy Birthday (whew got that off my chest!)…..so if I don’t write Happy Birthday on your wall…get over it.:)jk…  If you put a smiley face behind something you say and add a “jk”, you can be as mean as you want…”Hey Teddy McPhee, your an idiot”:)jk!  …see…. and I still don’t know how to make those little hearts and music notes and stuff people put on there…are they called emoticons?  I thought emoticons were the bad transformers….??

I cleaned the toilets this morning…(no its not the first time since I moved in Mom!)…but I noticed again, why in the world do they make the toilet bowl cleaner smell like peppermint mouthwash? It should be a smell, not a flavor!  Shouldn’t it be industrial strength piney smell or straight up smell like bleach?  No, it smells like I should squirt it in my mouth, rinse and spit…an flush… an you could really get it to cover the entire inside of your mouth with that bent kneck shaped bottle too…

This Hobo thing is really getting out of hand, someone needs to do something about it, I never have change left for the beach toll bridge with these people around.  My kids call them Hobo’s, I’ve heard Panhandlers, Homeless, Bums, whats the politically correct name for them anyway? Hygienically Challenged?  The other day one was relieving himself behind a bush in plain site of us as I drove by with all my girls staring out the window with comments like, “What do they do at night?” “What are they drinking out of those sacks?” “Where do they go to the bathroom?” (uh right there)….  I’ve even heard they might be Angels Unawares…but I didn’t think Angels would need to pee behind a bush, they should at least be able to unfurl their dirty little cherub wings an fly across the street to the Waffle House and use their toilet (they might also borrow some of the minty fresh toilet cleaner/mouthwash).

The last note I talked about handshakes and I had a lot of feedback, so I figured like a movie DVD, I would give you some unseen footage, this is the part that got cut out of the last note for time….The part about Mr Shaky Shakerton handshake…the guy who shakes your hand up and down until you have a good case of tennis elbow, “hey Mr. Shakerton, I’m gonna have to see the Orthopedist now thanks alot”…these people smile alot while they shake the fool out of your arm too, so watch out for smiley shakers! and what about the Overstay your Welcome shakers?  You know, the one who is still shaking your hand after you’ve already introduced yourself and told them how old your kids are,  and ordered your appetizer…”Hey buddy, I need to use my fork now, you wanna just let go for a sec, big guy?”…..and the two-handed grabber, this is usually older people, they grab your hand with two hands and shake very slowly for some reason, I’m not sure, but I think they are actually using you as a walker for a few seconds, just to get their bearings as they pull themselves towards you like a car going through the automatic car wash….”Easy there gramps, where ya gonna go when you get to me??”  This one is hard because I never know if they are gonna fall over if I let go first! 🙂 😉 😛 :O