So, the other day on my morning adventure that is getting the kids to school on time, there was some discussion about the community pool opening soon and the possibility of it being available for our next weekend together.  Now there is a big pool and there is a smaller wading pool for the toddlers with some fountains and just general kiddy stuff….I repeat…kiddy….stuff.  So my 8 year old says, Yeah there’s a pool for us and a pool for the 2 babies!! yaay!, and then my just-turned-5 year old proclaims in a bold and proud lisp, “I’m not a baby anymore!, I don’t wanna swim in the tiddy pool”!  (The d’s actually sounded alot more like t’s, but for purposes of….well, i just changed them to d’s)….  Anyway after I cleaned up the coffee that I spewed all over myself and applied burn cream to the appropriate areas, I asked her to repeat what she said, and sure enough I had heard it correctly for the second time now….  Now initially, I have to admit, as a newly, single-bachelor-type-red-blooded-burger-tour-member-heterosexual-male, I did wonder for a brief second, where exactly had she seen the sign for this new pool….but just as quick, I came back to myself and explained that it was a “kiddy” pool, like as in “kids playing in the pool”!   Speaking of getting the kids to school on time, my 8 year old wrote me a note the other day and put it by the door, she told me it was a “reminder note”.  She wrote this the day after I was frantically running through the house, lightly verbalizing the fact that we may be late and the end of the world was most likely at hand….  I tried to attach a picture for proof (not sure it worked), but I will translate, since she did not get an A in penmanship…1)remember our bedroom stuff  2) Leave for school at least by 7:25 or 7:30  3) take the baby to Nama’s and Papa’s and remember the diper bag!  4) (and my personal favorite) …remember to go to work!

Alyssa’s “reminder” note.

Being a single father of 4 has definitely been a transition.  I finally sat down to eat Monday night after I got them all in bed and realized I had missed the NCAA championship basketball game!!! …and for the first time, it didn’t really matter to me.