So I went to my My Space page the other day out of curiosity and I hadn’t looked at it in a long long time.  Did you know that you can “like” myspace on Facebook?  That is kind of weird to me, since if I’m on Facebook, i dont really like myspace…  Anyway I noticed that a few years ago I used to write some clever little notes on my myspace page (don’t rush out to read them now, just hang on people), and I asked myself, “Self, why do you not write any clever notes any more?”  I don’t know, I guess I just got busy, or going through a divorce has caused me to lose some cleverness, or maybe my cleverability was taken in the settlement, its all a blur to me now anyway, but I thought maybe I should start writing my completely useless thoughts down again for people of all ages to enjoy and waste their precious time reading.  So here I am again, thinking that if I can just change just one life for the better by my writing….well thats not really what i’m thinking but, I was thinking last night when I bought a new trash can for the kitchen that the trash bag people and the trash can people should probably talk more.  I bought a 12 gallon trash can, and some 13 gallon trash bags and I’m not a math whiz, but I figured the bags would fit in the can, but they just aren’t quite big enough ….every time you throw something heavy in the trash can, like say a paper towel or a lettuce leaf, the bags just come out from the edge and then of course the 3 little girls that are scraping their spaghetti off their plates into the trash, dump it right on top of the crumpled up “supposedly 13 gallon” bag!  or maybe I just shouldn’t buy bags from the dollar store… and speaking of lettuce leafs, am I really supposed to know what humidity setting to set the little drawer in my refrigerator on that I keep my lettuce in??  High? Low? or one of the 4 dots in between? They certainly didn’t teach me that in any classes I ever took….. Four years of college an I have no idea what humidity is best for the lettuce, maybe I should put it in the freezer, it is iceberg…, glad I got that off my chest….