Who invented boil in a bag rice?  At first it seemed like a great idea, yeah rice in a bag, and you can boil it!  and its as easy as just getting a fork and picking it up and then cut the bag open after it drains the just finished boiling water out of the bag.

Yeah that’s easy!….that rice is freaking hot! Like little fire bullets!  Mother of Troy! Pick it up with a fork and drain it? Yeah that’s sounds simple, but you can’t do it without dropping the bag at least once back into the boiling inferno water!  And to make things worse after you finally cut thru the steel mesh bag, the steam gets to your fingers and you drop the little fire bullets all over the top of your bare feet!  Good Grief that crap is burning!  Easy?  oh contrair mr. boil it in a bag…I have little red marks all over my feet and finger blisters and my glasses are all fogged up!

That’s just a sampling of what went thru my head tonight…