Well, Basketball season is almost over for us and we made Final 4 in our Conference. We had a decent year, but last Saturday I realized that nothing compares to when it is your own kids. We won a big game Friday night with my high school boys team, but then Saturday morning we went to watch Alyssa and Alexis play in their Upwards basketball games.  Neither girl gets to play much and they neither one get to “handle” the ball much in their games, due to the fact that their are other better players on their teams.  Neither girl had even got to shoot the basketball so far in a real game.

But Saturday morning Alyssa scored her first basket!  She took the ball from the inbounds pass, dribbled to half court, stopped, double-dribbled and kept on dribbling around the other team (and her team) and didn’t stop until she got near the basket.  Then her defender stepped up and tried to block her, this did not deter her, she calmly stepped back a few steps (traveled), looked left, looked right, and couldn’t see anyone worth passing too (they were just basically stopped and staring at her to see what she would do!) (she is the only girl on her team!), then she fired it up into the air, it came down and hit nothing but the bottom of the net!  I was so proud of her and she just stood there looking around with a big smile on her face, I almost started crying (not really of course I wouldn’t do that!)

Alexis on the other hand has still yet to score, although she is doing better and gaining confidence.  She plays on a team with all girls and some have played before and I am sure she will score before the season is over.

I am amazed at how something so trivial made me feel so great for my little girl!