We (WFBA) have a game Tuesday night and a three game trip to Panama City this weekend.  It will be a long week, starting a long season for us.  We will find out after this week, if we will be any good or not! The kids have been practicing real hard this year.  The gym (metal building) at church should arrive this week and we are pouring concrete…finally!

Also, Alexis and Alyssa have their tryouts for Upwards Basketball this week!  That should be exciting, a 5 and a 6 year old girls playing basketball…coaches daughters so they will have high expectations….I just hope they have fun, I know I will have fun watching them tryout and play this year.  I’m already in trouble for buying them a basketball and letting them practice their dribbling on the tile floor in the kitchen, but oh well…how else will they learn?, I sure don’t feel like going outside in the driveway…its to slanted, they will learn to dribble crooked out there!  I had them running yesterday afternoon in the front yard. I ran with them for about 8 steps, then just coached! I think I pulled a hammy on the last wind sprint!

Can’t wait until Thanksgiving, I’m going on a hunger strike to make room for more fried turkey and mashed taters….well at least until noon today! Wait!!  the perfect plan! I shall diet between the hours of 8-11 am and 1 and 5 pm everyday!!  Unless, obviously, if a vendor brings Krispy Kreme to work, then of course I will only eat less than 3 doughnuts, (*per hour) until they are gone!